MANGAN.PH – Angeles City’s Upcoming Online Food Delivery Service App to Launch in January 2018!

Located in the heart of the Culinary Capital of the Philippines – Pampanga, Angeles City’s wide array of cafes and restaurants is unsurprisingly impressive. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s always something new to try and we could only wish we have enough time and energy to visit all the restos in the area!

Have you ever wished food would just magically appear in your doorsteps? Have you ever craved for your favorite dishes so much you just want to teleport in certain restaurants? Have you ever had slow days when you just want to lay in bed, binge-watch series, and not worry about going out to grab food?

We heard you! We can totally relate to everything stated above.

Since we are now living in a world where apps make our lives easier (thanks to Waze, Grab, Uber, Traveloka, and many more), we came up with one.

The great news is you can order your favorite foods and even discover new ones via an upcoming online food delivery service app called Mangan.PH starting January 2018!

Mangan.PH is a kapampangan word which means ‘eat‘. It’s based in Angeles City and will soon be available for download in both App Store and Google Play Store.


It is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs – Louie Alcantara and Ralph Nathaniel Rile. Louie is a Pampanga based tech-entrepreneur whose portfolio includes over 50 websites. He also co-owns Hydro Pool Club, one of Pampanga’s prominent night life destinations. A food lover at heart, is his first venture to combine both his passion for technology and food. Ralph is a graduate of Entrepreneurial Management in University of Asia and the Pacific. He owns a manpower agency that operates nationwide and has a satellite office in San Fernando, Pampanga. They were just drinking wine with friends one night when the idea of food delivery service popped up.

Mangan.PH is very easy to use. People from all age groups and walks of life will find it very hassle-free. Here are 3 basic steps:




Now you can eat whatever you want whenever you want with just your mobile phone, internet connection, and Mangan.PH! We also have an option to place orders via phone call for the ones who aren’t too techie or for when you are offline.

Delivery charge is only P39 and minimum order is just P200!

Watch out for the announcement of our restaurant partners and promos! We will also do trial deliveries this month so get social with us to check updates!


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